Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Stories for a Better World Starts Tomorrow!

I'm just about ready for my first summer library program! The past few days I've been practicing, practicing, practicing and getting my display and props finalized. I think I've got it--I have to be pretty flexible and plan for all sizes of libraries and audiences.

I'm loving the stories for this summer, some old favorites mixed with a lot of new material. Stretching and growing the repertoire!

Puppets, flannelboard, a crankie story (not in this photo), music...what's not to like?

Can't wait for tomorrow and the first presentation at Craigsville Library in Craigsville, WV at 1:00pm. Will I see you there?

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Boud said...

I certainly wish I were nearer. I'd be in your audience. Good luck with your season.

Granny Sue said...

Thank you! It got off to a good start. Now to prepare for stories for a mental hospital, a 4-H camp. a senior center, a campfire, and a family reunion! This will be one busy week.

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